Debunking myths: 7 myths about Pest Control Debunking

Myth number 1: The good bug debacle
Supposed good bugs for e.g. spiders, bees, lady bugs or grasshoppers are good for the environment and the earth’s ecosystem. However, they are less than idealistic as tenants for your home. An infestation may stem from their presence as they may multiply and invade every crevice of your home if left unchecked. Spiders and bees may also possess the risk of painful bites, rash and in some cases an allergic reaction. It is therefore important not to trivialize a spider infestation even if you believe spiders to be harmless.

Myth number 2: Catching flies with honey rather than vinegar
While the age old saying may prove to be effective when you wish to make a positive first impression, this has proven to be an ineffective method of entrapment when put to the test. As the case with most natural remedies of pest control, such as using baking powder to get rid of cockroaches or boiling water to eliminate ants- they are relatively short term and do not address the root of the infestation.

Myth number 3: Bed bugs may only be found in shabby establishments
The common perception with regards to fancy restaurants or well-maintained offices is an image of sterility and cleanliness. While there are higher chances of bed bugs being attracted to shabbier establishments, the risk of their infestation is not completely eliminated in extravagant structures. Bed bugs can travel through suitcases, clothing and may infest any establishment regardless of their cleanliness.

Myth number 4: Using cheese for mouse bait
Mice love cheese. The smell of cheese lures them in and amidst their infatuation they do not notice the trap that holds the piece of cheese. Zap! They are trapped and your mouse problem is solved.

While this scenario has been popularized in cartoons and movies, the reality is quite different. While putting out a mouse trap, it is important to be very considerate of the bait used as well as the placement of the trap. An ineffective mechanism may prove to be costly or harmful to other residents of the house. Additionally, rodents are cautious towards new things and may completely avoid a set mouse trap if it does not cross their path.

Myth number 5: Self inspection is sufficient for bugs and rodents
While you may believe that you have covered sufficient ground while inspecting every corner of your house; however, it is highly possible you may have missed an early stage of infestation. With regards to a termite or bed bug infestation, the simple rule to abide by is- you can never be too thorough. In such a case, seek professional help for assurance that your home is now pest free!

Myth number 6: Cats and dogs may be effective pest control
While your beloved pets may be natural predators, it is important to note that not all cats hunt mice. In fact, do not believe your pet is broken if they are afraid of the rodents in your house!

Fleas may also be carried by your pets into the household which may result in a full-blown infestation if not paid immediate heed to. Similarly, it is important to note that cats and dogs may be a short term solution for a larger problem. It will be more sustainable to block entry pathways deterring the entry of the rodents in question and lead towards a long term solution for your rodent problem.

Myth number 7: You only need to worry about pests in the summer
The presence of bugs cannot be restricted only to the warmer summer temperatures. With global warming and the rise in temperatures, most areas in Pakistan have higher temperatures for a larger proportion of the year.

While in summer, insects are more active and persistent in their search for food- spring provides an ideal breeding opportunity as they wake up for hibernation. In winter, most pests have already entered your home and have already stored their food and supplies. They have deciphered the easiest entry and exit routes and have set up trail for their younglings to follow. In such a case, it is important to be vigilant the year around and not restrict the problem of pest control for summers only.

There you have it, 7 myths about pest control debunked! Additionally, it is never a good idea to wait until you have a full blown infestation to consult professional services. At American fumigation, we offer clean, pest-free and hygienic environment for residences, business premises, hotels, resorts, offices, buildings and storage facilities. We are also providing pre and post construction anti termite treatment for the control of termites. We are committed to providing a reliable, good quality and trouble free service ensuring complete client satisfaction.

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