How to get rid of a rat/mice infestation?

The arrival of winters in Pakistan can mean many different things. For many of us, it is time to retrieve our warm jackets and blankets and dwell in the comfort of a hot cup of coffee. What we might not know is the fact that winters are also an opportunity for pesky rats to seek abode in our houses and look for dark shadows to hide. Today, we will give you some effective techniques on how to prevent these rodents from setting up camp in your backyard.

1• Don’t ignore the signs!
While it may be difficult to gauge the difference between visiting and resident rodents, do not ignore the warning signals! These may present in the form of gnawing marks on walls and rat droppings littered across the floor. You may also hear squeaking noises in the middle of the night as rats scurry to find a warmer corner for their comfort.

2• Know the difference between a rat and a mice infestation
While it may seem unnecessary to note the difference between the two, it may be crucial while trying to treat the problem at hand. Here are a few key differences between the two with one infestation being more problematic than the other:-

i- Size: Adult mice are much smaller than adult rats. They may be 3-4 inches long with shorter tails in comparison to the adult rat that are far heavier and longer. To provide a comparison, rats can weigh ten times as much as an adult rat and typically have 9-11 inch long bodies with 7-9 inch tails

ii- Droppings: Rats tend to leave larger droppings than mice, making this an easier way to distinguish between the type of infestation you are facing. Additionally, mice tend to leave more droppings than rats as it takes a shorter while for mice to multiply and a full-blown infestation to blossom in your house than for rats.

iii- Breeding: Mice tend to breed far more quickly as opposed to the rat. Even more horror some is the fact that mice tend to reach reproductive age at six weeks and can multiply to result in nearly five dozen mice in a single year!

While rats tend to breed easily as well, they primarily breed in the spring unlike mice which can breed at any time of the year. However, rats tend to live longer than mice as their age span can be extended to a year and a half as opposed to mice which tend to typically live for nine months. This means that there are more opportunities for rats expand their infestation.

As you might have guessed, a mice infestation can be far more problematic than a rat infestation. While rats may be restricted in their territory, mice are curious and will multiply and spread with far more ease. It is therefore far more important to control and eliminate a mice infestation in its initial stage before allowing them to spread like wildfire around your house. Mice also tend to carry disease and therefore are more dangerous than rats if allowed to breed unchecked.

But don’t take out your magnifying glass and spear to hunt for these rodents just yet! There are far easier and effective solutions to get rid of either the two gnawing rodents. American fumigation provides you with the following products that will make your life easier and your house rodent free!

An EZ Klean Rodent station is low profile that was made to fit in tighter spaces. With dimensions 12.5”x 4.75”x 8.75” and weight 12 lbs, the station can be easily fit into darker corners that are the typical hiding nooks for either of the two rodents. With a smooth surface for placement of rat bait (soft, liquid or solid) the EZ CLEAN is your modern rat trap with a removable tray that can make servicing quicker and easier than ever before.

PROTECTA Landscape
With the deception of a rock, the landscape is a rat-sized bait station that is designed to effectively camouflage with the outdoor environment.

Masterline rodent tray
The MasterLine® Rat Tray is designed for use by the professional who needs a dependable, quality rat tray. It is easy to use and dispose of and can be used in federally inspected meat and poultry establishments

3• Keeping with up house repairs
As the age old saying goes, prevention is better than cure! This holds true for the problem of an infestation as well as sealing leaks and entry passageways will deter the presence of the rodents as well. A rat can make its way through any space as long as it can get its head through. With their powerful teeth, they can expand any entry point to make their way into your house. Therefore, it is prudent to keep your trash lids secure and eliminate any water leaks to limit their points of entry.

4• Consult the professionals!
While a quick google search may result in many DIY methods to eliminate an infestation, it is important to note that that to seek a complete solution to any form of infestation may best be left in the experienced hands of a professional. To avoid a re-infestation or health hazards involving chemical methods of eliminating the rodents, it is better to consult experienced individuals for a permanent solution.

American fumigation is committed to excellence in operations and standards of health, safety and environment throughout its activities. With 24/7 emergency response capabilities, and fully equipped modern service vehicles our customer service team and experienced field supervisors are dedicated to ensure quality service. Furthermore, we ensure to use the least toxic /non-toxic methods and advanced treatment procedures to rid our clients homes and businesses from pests.

We do hope this article proved informative.
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