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In our last blog post we talked about the potential threat of termites this spring season. We discussed their physical attributes, the caste system, and how potentially dangerous they can be for your property. In this edition we talk about some termite prevention tips that will help to make your property more secure against a possible infestation.

Let us first talk about how to make your property secure so as to prevent termites from entering it in the first place.

1• Reducing moisture
During home inspections it has become commonly accepted to interpret any area with a moisture level of 20 percent or greater as indication of probable termite activity. While termites usually acquire their cellulose and their source of moisture from tunnelling through soil (see the first edition for more details on termite eating habits!), but our carelessness can aid their requirements.

Some common sources of moisture can be:
Leaking pipes
Stationary water sources
Condensation on pipes
Clogged gutters
Air conditioner condensation lines

2• Eliminating wood to ground contact
Keeping in mind the tunnelling habits of termites, providing them easy access to wood can be an open invitation for a possible termite infestation! Wood to ground contact can provide termites with easy access to food, possible sources of moisture and a source of direct entry into the location. To prevent this, a rule of thumb to abide by is to keep all sources of wood at least six inches above ground level.

The threat of termite infestation may be even more plausible if you have wood-to-soil contact at your property. Soil contains moisture and fungi that rot wood ideal for termites that live and move in soil tunneling to look for sources of cellulose and dampness. Wooden structure embedded in concrete are especially susceptible to a termite attack since they usually extend from the concrete to the soil. Prevention of an infestation may require pulling soil or mulch away from the foundation, cutting the bottom off wooden foundation structure, or supporting steps or posts on a concrete base.

3• Pressure treated wood
You may have heard about this prevention technique before. Pressure-treated wood has had chemical preservatives pushed into its pores by vacuum-pressure that forms a protective layer resistant to decay and wood-eating insects like termites.

However, the protection does not last forever as this method of termite prevention is termite resistant and not termite proof. The maximum duration for pressure treated wood is for a period of 7-10 years as the chemicals injected in the wood slowly drain out of the wood over the years. Further, the inner structure of woods can become vulnerable as termites make a wooden structure hollow. Termites will attack pressure treated wood when it loses its protection, has fresh cuts or untreated edges, starts to rot due to dampness or if the termite has no other source of wood available.

4• Annual termite inspections
A yearly termite inspection is important to eliminate any possible threat of a termite infestation. Working with pest control professionals to address and eliminate potential sources of termites around your house can be your best bet while seeking termite control. At American Fumigation, termite bait and monitoring system is one of our pest management services that ensure a long term solution for our clients.

After a thorough inspection, we advise our clients on preventative termite treatments or effective solutions to an infestation based upon the home’s construction, condition, and signs of activity around the home and neighbourhood. Further services include monitoring stations, liquid treatment or direct wood treatment. Proactive treatment can help protect your home against future infestations!

We hope you liked this informative post. At American fumigation, termite control is one of the many services that we provide to our customers. Over the years the company has established a reputation and maintained a value as a provider of high quality service and has enjoyed a steady growth of its customer base. We are committed to providing a reliable, good quality and trouble free service ensuring complete client satisfaction.

Stay tuned for further editions this spring season about termites!
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