Dangers of Stagnant Water

It is my belief that no city enjoys rain as much as Karachi does. It is the time when offices are left early, classes are missed and friends & family get to together to enjoy the weather. Recently, the weather in Karachi has been breathtaking and the light showers have been thoroughly enjoyed by all of us. However, standing water in the form of overflowing gutters, dirty drainage lines, or stagnant water that hinders traffic has been known to disturb the daily routine of all Karachiites.
Along with causing problems to our daily lives, stagnant water can also serve as breeding ground for pests. Many insects and rodents are attracted to sources of stagnant water that include mosquitoes, termites, cockroaches and even rats. Standing water can also result in bacteria and mold that not only possess a serious health risk but can also weaken the structure of your home.

Let us first talk about ways of removing standing water and make your home safer for yourself and your loved ones.

1• Remove the water
This one is a no brainer. Pick up the wiper and remove the stagnant water to avoid the health risks associated with a pest infestation. If water has seeped into your home through cracks in the ceiling, make sure to get a roof repair and thoroughly wipe water away from your home to avoid mold. You can even use a vacuum cleaner or a dry pump to dry out water faster.

2• Remove damaged material
This one may be tough. If water has seeped into your garage and has damaged your stored belongings, it is important to salvage your belongings by drying them as soon as possible. If it too late, be sure to throw away your damaged items such as carpeting or carpet padding rather than allow them to be soiled with bacteria.

3• Be mindful of termites and carpenter ants!
Wooden structure can be especially susceptible to rot and decay that may be attractive to termites, carpenter ants, rodents, and other pests that chew on the inside and outside of wood. Pests that chew on wood make holes that allow more water to seep into your home and can further exasperate the problem. For this reason, it is important to effectively consider pest control upon the first sight of termites or carpenter ants. Commercial sprays may not be effective which is why it is important to consider professional services.

4• Moisture control
It is important to inspect our houses or conduct a yearly inspection by professionals to assess sources that may be causing dampness. Gutters are a breeding ground for mosquitos so make sure they are properly covered. Leaking taps, pipes, and unattended pools and fountains can be sources of stagnant water as well so make sure your homes, offices or hostels are inspected thoroughly.

5• Sealing entry points
Make sure to check your windows and doors for any cracks and gaps that can allow water to get into your home. Be sure to repair any sources through which water can enter into your home.

6• Moisture control
Pests can damage your carpets, drapes, bedding, clothing and contaminate them. They can also spoil your stored foods and at the same time spread harmful diseases. Most prevalent to Karachi would be a mosquito infestation as they are known to carry diseases such as dengue, malaria, chikungunya to name a few. It is therefore absolutely necessary to consider the adequate form of pest control service to avoid such health risks.

Additionally, it is never a good idea to wait until you have a full blown infestation to consult professional services. At American fumigation, we offer clean, pest-free and hygienic environment for residences, business premises, hotels, resorts, offices, buildings and storage facilities. We are also providing pre and post construction anti termite treatment for the control of termites. We are committed to providing a reliable, good quality and trouble free service ensuring complete client satisfaction.

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